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Meet Waz…

Waz – sauce freak, BBQ & Braai nut, motorcycle enthusiast & family man.

Hey there, 

I’m Warren AKA Waz – pronounced Woz – 

I’m simply crazy about cooking outdoors [So crazy in fact, that I built an outdoor kitchen in my backyard and we called it Waz’s BBQ Hut.] 

Whether nurturing a pulled pork for 12 hrs, knocking up some veggies or a delicious cornbread, the smoky smell of fire and endless flavours, make it my favourite thing to be sharing good times and great food with family and friends.  

My enthusiasm for food and cooking started with my parents. With my Mum’s family cooking and my Dad’s chef skills food has always been part of my life. The memories of family hiking holidays in Wales, cooking out in the open over flame, ignited my passion for BBQ culture. I am also a huge fan of a great sauce to kick it up a notch and take that flavour sensation to epic. Sticky glazes, drizzled dressings or a dollop of a favourite sauce puts a grin on my face.  

I love to be hands-on and trying stuff out – my sauces are the result of my practical and enthusiastic approach to banishing boring generic flavours, eliminating allergens and additives, and delivering wholesome home-made, tastebud-tingling delight.  

Our family table is inspired by flavour combinations from the southern states of America to the southernmost tip of Africa. We love experimenting, challenging our taste buds and bringing family and friends together with my twist on how to use flavour and sauces to bring food to life.

Established in 2020 we have been thrilled with the response to our saucy line-up, winning a Great Taste Award and we can’t wait to introduce you to the next editions.  

As our journey continues Waz’s BBQ Hut has become Waz’s Sauce Hut, because as I mentioned…..we are all about our sauces!

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Saucy Reviews

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Mrs K, Bracknell

Mrs K, Bracknell

Keeping it simple! Leftover pulled pork croquettes casserole smothered in Gentleman's Choice was a quick winner in the household!

Brian, Richmond

Brian, Richmond

I tried the Captain as a marinade and it was delicious! It left a wonderful flavour on the chicken without overwhelming it. Can't wait to try some of the other sauces!

Kersti, Bracknell

Kersti, Bracknell

I used the Hawaiian Tropics as a warm sauce with duck breast and it was lovely! Exactly what it says on the label - Hibiscus all over with the right amount of sharpness

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