What have you tried our sauces with? Send us your review to enquiries@wazssaucehut.co.uk along with a picture of your master piece for us to share! (You may remain anonymous if you prefer)

Only Sweet Embers! – Estera Brown

My son is so obsessed with your Sweet Embers Cherry Cola sauce that when his friend, all puzzled, asked does he not eat ketchup, my son replied that he only has Waz’s Sauce Hut’s Sweet Embers. His favourite with a big plate of chips

Gentleman’s Choice – Kersti

Customer had to get together a quick dinner had just got her re-order from Waz so to add some extra flavour to their dinner she added Gentleman’s Choice Apple Bourbon to their potato, onion & Polish sausage fry up! Was a success she said.

Island Breeze – Anonymous

So, I normally use Waz’s Great Taste award winning Hawaiian Tropics Hibiscus sauce but had run out (must order more) so I thought, “Hang on, Waz always says experiment.” So I tried his Island Breeze mango sauce with my grilled duck & OH MY WORD! Now I have 2 favourites when eating duck. Get your bottle fast!

Island Breeze – Mr L.

Even great on my own homemade chicken kebab! My favourite of Waz’s amazing sauces!

Gentleman’s Choice – Mrs Cooper

Dear Waz’s Sauce Hut fans!

Had to stop to make time to do this review from my busy schedule, to add that this wonderful ‘Apple Bourbon sauce’ called the Gentleman’s Choice was absolutely delicious! I added to a lasagne I prepared yesterday, I seriously will be doing it again and highly recommend it as an addition for lasagne even spaghetti bolognese ….. Happy Cooking all!!

The Captain – Miss Goodridge, London

I’m someone who when I season meat I use a lot of ingredients! However, tried The Captain on some chicken thighs with nothing else, baked in the oven, & the taste was amazing! Great all the sauces can be used as condiments also. Love this flavour!

The Captain – Mihkel

My 4 year old son is absolutely crazy about The Captain and can’t get enough of it!

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