We are super excited & proud to announce winning 2 Great British Food Awards. One for our Carpe Diem coffee sauce & the other for The Kraken’s Fury hot sauce. Read what the judges had to say:

Carpe Diem – Coffee
“Surprisingly delightful, this coffee sauce may raise eyebrows at first, but it’s a creamy revelation. Perfect for steak nights and beyond, it boasts a well-balanced flavour profile that complements various meats. Don’t overthink it—just drizzle this sauce to experience a unique blend of richness and depth. It’s a Savory treat that might become your new secret weapon in the kitchen. Give it a try and savour the unexpected pleasure it brings.” – Judged by Great British Food Panel

The Kraken’s Fury – Hot sauce
“This hot sauce is a flavour revelation! With ample heat that never overwhelms. What truly sets it apart is the unmistakable presence of rum. Whether you’re a heat seeker or a flavour enthusiast, this sauce won’t disappoint. It’s a versatile addition to any meal, adding a spicy kick that enhances rather than masks the original taste. Pour it liberally on all your dishes. A must-try for hot sauce culinary explorers.” – Judged by Great British Food Panel


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